Small Business Chronicles

Welcome to the Small Business Chronicles, a podcast hosted by Ryan Sherrer. We dive deep into the heart of American entrepreneurship, spotlighting the triumphs and challenges of small businesses. From interviews with proprietors to sharing business growth strategies and resilience tales, we offer an inspiring glimpse into the vibrant world of small-scale commerce. Join us as we explore how these businesses are shaping our lives and communities.

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Wednesday Apr 10, 2024

Brian Stone talks with Ammean DeJohn, who brings a rich history of the beauty industry and an impressive portfolio of building and selling businesses. Hear about her beginnings, growth and lessons learned along the way. 
What you will learn:
The real challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship.
The importance of financial education in entrepreneurial success.
Ammean's unique approach to combining creativity with business insights.
Practical ideas and strategies based on Ammean's experience.
Perfect for entrepreneurs at any stage. 
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Brian Stone:
Ammean DeJohn: 
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Tune in now for this interesting conversation that could change the way you think about business.

Tuesday Apr 02, 2024

Join Brian Stone at Unlocking Growth as he sits down with Edgar Diaz of the Kukenan Group for a discussion on customized business coaching. With a background in engineering and over 20 years in the corporate world, Edgar brings a wealth of experience to his customized coaching sessions, focusing on strategy, profitability and scalability. 
Edgar's unique approach to coaching emphasizes simplicity, strategy, planning and accountability, ensuring that his clients not only design effective plans, but also execute them successfully. Whether you're an entrepreneur looking to bring your idea to life or you have a small business looking to grow, Edgar's insights on how to break big challenges into manageable actions and prioritize tasks will guide you toward achieving your business goals. 
Tune in for this episode full of practical tips to transform your entrepreneurial vision into reality.
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Brian Stone:
Edgar Diaz: 

Tuesday Apr 02, 2024

Discover the secrets of business agility with Larry Apke, leading VUCA consultant and agile coach, in Small Business Chronicles hosted by Brian Stone. 
In this episode, Larry shares unique strategies for businesses to not only survive, but succeed.
You will learn the importance of agility and the dangers of decisions based on intuition. 
He points out while Larry explains the transformative power of scientific thinking to make informed decisions. 
Tune in to discover the secrets to resilience and growth in the VUCA world with Larry Apke.
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Brian Stone:
Larry Apke:

Tuesday Apr 02, 2024

Join Brian Stone on "Unlocking Growth" for an insightful episode with Christopher Chamberlin, a real estate agent turned mindset coach. Christopher's journey from aerospace engineering to real estate and coaching is an example of the power of personal transformation.
Discover Christopher's practical approach, which combines neuroscience, cognitive-behavioral psychology and meditation, to equip people with tools to manage emotions, seize opportunities and prosper in the face of adversity. Whether you work in real estate or seek personal development, Christopher's insights will provide you with practical strategies for growth and success.
Tune in to this inspiring conversation that will enable you to unlock your full potential.
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Brian Stone:
Christopher Chamberlin: 

Monday Apr 01, 2024

Join Brian Stone on "Unlocking Growth" for a discussion with Dr. Kate Price, psychologist and author of "Taming the Culture Tiger." Dr. Price combines psychology with business strategies to explore the principles that govern human behavior in the workplace. 
Explore Dr. Kate's journey from executive search consultant to organizational psychology expert, and discover the role of self-awareness, vulnerability, and adaptive communication in promoting cultural growth and development in organizations. This episode is for leaders and entrepreneurs looking to gain understanding of human interaction in leading organizational success. Tune in to this episode to discover the power of psychological insights with Dr. Kate Price.
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Brian Stone:
Dr. Kate Price:

Monday Apr 01, 2024

Join Brian Stone on "Unlocking Growth" for a conversation with Ken Paskins, co-founder of The Shift Spot, as they explore the impact of specific leadership development. Ken shares his journey from supervising operations in the software industry to launching The Shift Spot, a platform dedicated to facilitating on-demand personal and professional growth. 
Ken's ideas on vulnerability, adaptability, and the importance of continuous learning provide guidance for companies aspiring to scale through effective leadership. Tune in for practical strategies to foster a culture of growth and improvement with Ken Paskins.
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Brian Stone:
Ken Paskins:

Wednesday Mar 27, 2024

Take a journey into the meta world of coaching with Brook Bishop, co-founder of Empire Partners and co-author of "The Coaching Equation", in this episode of "Unlocking Growth". 
Bringing a diverse background ranging from real estate training to executive positions with Tony Robbins, Brook brings a wealth of experience to the coaching industry.
Brian Stone, goes into the fundamentals of a successful coaching business - marketing, sales and fulfillment - and explores the common pitfalls coaches encounter in each area. Brook shares transformative insights on how to establish heart-to-heart connections with clients, address their fears, and guide them to meaningful change.
Whether you're a beginning coach or an experienced mentor looking to improve your approach, Brook's strategies for creating impactful coaching relationships and building a sustainable business are invaluable. Connect to discover how you can elevate your coaching practice and make a lasting difference in your clients' lives.
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Brian Stone:
Brook Bishop: 

Wednesday Mar 27, 2024

Join us on "Unlocking Growth" as host Brian Stone dives into the world of high-value coaching with the exceptional Ann Carden. With over 40 years of experience in business and entrepreneurship, Ann shares invaluable insights on how coaches and consultants can transcend traditional boundaries to secure premium clients and achieve exponential growth.
Discover Ann's transformative top-down methodology, where she advocates starting at the pinnacle of your market to set a new standard in the coaching industry. This conversation goes beyond raising prices; it's about understanding and owning the immense value you bring to your clients.
Whether you're a seasoned coach or new to consultancy, Ann's insights provide a blueprint for redefining success and embracing your true potential as an expert. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from one of the best in the business and stop charging like a beginner—start thriving as the expert you truly are.
Connect with:
Brian Stone:
Ann Carden:

Friday Mar 22, 2024

Join host Brian Stone on "Unlocking Growth" for a conversation with Adrienne Barker, founder of Professional Global Etiquette. Explore Adrienne's journey from the promotional products industry to becoming a respected etiquette coach, driven by her own corporate experiences. 
Get valuable insights on how to confidently carry yourself in professional interactions, from mastering LinkedIn to perfecting your professional presence. 
Whether you're just starting your career or a veteran professional, Adrienne's expertise in etiquette and personal branding can elevate your success. 
Connect for practical tips to enhance your professional skills and expand your network effectively.
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Brian Stone:
Adrienne Barker

Monday Mar 18, 2024

Listen to this episode of Unlocking Growth with Jeanne Omlor, business strategist and ICF-certified coach. 
Jeanne shares her extraordinary journey from debt to building a seven-figure coaching business, proving that it's never too late for transformation. This episode is full of insights on overcoming fear, the importance of investing in growth, and the power of action. 
Jeanne's approach to coaching goes beyond typical boundaries and speaks to a wide range of coaches looking to scale their impact. 
If you are a coach ready to scale new heights, Jeanne's story and strategies are the motivator you need.
Connect with:
Brian Stone:
Jeanne Omlor:


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